A Green Burial – Video

Green BurialA Green Burial – Video

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  1. Dean M Huffman

    Wonderful video. We already have our places at Foxfield Preserve in Ohio. We also donated substantially to the production of the movie “A Will For The Woods”. We feel comfort in knowing we will be giving back to Mother Earth that which she has loaned us on our visit here.

  2. I Pyka

    This has been something that I have wanted for as long as I can remember! Crazy as it sounds am so happy that I just found out that Green Burials is real and a possibility for me. Thank you!

  3. Billie Sue Briggs

    How wonderful for everyone, so peaceful and beautiful. God bless all of you for you gentle warm and caring hearts.

  4. Amy

    Thank you for providing this video and such a beautiful and peaceful resting place for those that prefer a green natural place for after life. It is something that I have wanted to do when my time comes and I’m so relieved that places like yours exist and it will be a reality for me down the road.

  5. Janis

    Beautiful video. Green burials are the ultimate gift to give the environment.

    My one wish is that ALL cemeteries will offer this type of burial. Whether it be located in a special section of the cemetery, or among those who choose a “traditional” burial.

  6. Maura Savas- Minor

    Just learning about green burial and watching this video makes me feel more at ease about death. The creepiness and general taboo and mystery of “traditional ” funeral practice has always made me uneasy. Embalming a body with toxic chemicals goes about as far away from my beliefs as I can imagine.
    I have always shrouded and buried my beloved pets in this same green way, as I couldn’t imagine them passing into cold strange hands and shoved into a cremation oven…or worse. My daughters have taken part in these backyard burials and we have sang songs over the graves and said prayers and tossed in flowers or catnip, and planted perennials on top so we can think of them every year. It is the natural cycle, and we witness it. I know I want the same for myself. Thank you for this enlightening video and information , you are truly doing God’s work.

  7. Tanya, Fremont CA

    I was surprised to learn that all funerals back at my home country Lithuania was always green funerals. Hope that they would not start using modern caskets, vaults, etc.

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