Do you have a plan for your green burial?

In order to facilitate an open and sincere conversation regarding your end-of-life wishes, the Green Burial Council has created this Planning Guide (click here). It addresses the components of a green funeral/burial, and serves as a supplement to any other end-of-life planner you may be using. This document can be used when planning your estate, speaking with family, friends, lawyers, and discussing your options with a local funeral home provider.

If you have prearrangements with a funeral home that is not a part of the Green Burial Council list of approved providers, discuss your intentions with your funeral director to determine if they can meet your needs. The Green Burial Council is happy to assist the funeral home in understanding the procedures for facilitating a green burial.  You can also use this document (click here) as a guide.

We also encourage reaching out to supporters of the green burial movement on social media. The Green Burial Council Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest pages are a great place to interact with like-minded individuals that share your passion for sustainable end-of-life options and land conservation. You can also take virtual tours of green cemeteries, view certified products, connect with certified funeral home providers, and ask questions to any of our staff or board members.

Green BurialPlan for your green burial