Advisory Board

Mary Woodsen is a science writer at Cornell University.  In addition, in 2002, Mary had performed the most comprehensive analyses atthat time of the environmental impact associated with conventional funeral service in the US. She has recently co-authored a study with the GBC releasing the updated data regarding the environmental impact of current funeral and final disposition practices.  As the founding president of Greensprings Natural Cemetery near Ithaca, New York, Mary is also a current fellow with the Environmental Leadership Program.

Sam Perry is a licensed funeral director in Indiana with a passion for gardening.  He became interested in the funeral industry after being the groundskeeper for his local funeral home.  Later, while getting his Bachelors degree in Mortuary Science and Funeral Service, Sam was inspired further when he studied abroad with Semester at Sea.  His studies included non-profit leadership and independent studies of funeral rights in Ghana, Japan, India, and a handful of other countries around the world. He is now a part of the Green Burial Council to help educate people about the “green” alternatives to conventional burial so that he can do his part to preserve this beautiful planet a little longer.

Elizabeth Fournier is the owner and operator of Cornerstone Funeral Services in Boring, Oregon, the first green funeral home in the Portland Metropolitan area.  She works as a green mortician and eco-educator, and is affectionately known as the Green Reaper for her passion of home funerals and natural burials.  She is a founding member of Green Burial Portland, and starred in “Death Goes Green,” an intimate portrait of the pioneers of the green burial movement.  She has sat on the International Board of Directors for North America Natural Burial for the past four years and is renowned for burying her townsfolk in their backyards and is a self-described gardener of people.

Green BurialAdvisory Board