Green Burial Council

What you can do


Plan for your green burial

The GBC has created a new tool to assist in the planning of a green burial. We also provide free assistance to help you let your heirs, attorneys, and estate planners know of your wishes. Download the GBC green funeral burial planner below:

GBC Planning Guide


Support approved providers

By patronizing establishments and purchasing products that meet Green Burial Council standards, you are helping us protect the legitimate environmental and social benefits that can emanate from eco-friendly deathcare, while preventing this cause from getting “greenwashed” down the drain.  Please go to our "Find a provider" tab to locate a GBC "approved provider" where you live.


What if there are no GBC approved providers in my area?

If there are no GBC approved providers in your area, we suggest using our four-part green burial guide.  This guide will help equip you to make eco-friendly end-of-life options, and help you identify false or misleading marketing claims regarding the environmental benefits of products and services. 

GBC Four-Part Green Burial Guide