Green Burial Council

Training/Technical assistance


The Green Burial Council has emerged as the leading educator in the field of eco-friendly deathcare, leading seminars for every industry trade group in the US and Canada including the National Funeral Director’s Association, The Canadian Funeral Director’s Association, The National Selected Independent Funeral Director’s Association, as well as for most state cemetery/funeral associations.  The Council also coordinate all of the educational programing related to eco-friendly funeral service at the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association’s (ICCFA) annual convention.  

We have also provided educational programming for leading national conservation organizations such as the Land Trust Alliance and the Nature Conservancy, and we routinely facilitate webinars for land trusts and park service agencies about how burial/scattering can be used as a means of acquiring, restoring and stewarding natural areas.

And for those in our network of approved providers, the Council provides peer-to-peer webcasts and free technical assistance on everything from how to shroud a body to techniques for increasing the efficacy of dry ice.