2015 Green Burial Cemetery Survey

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In January of 2015, the Education Committee of the Green Burial Council solicited responses from 70 green burial cemeteries in and out of the GBC network, receiving a 53% response rate.

The data collected was used to develop presentations for the ICCFA conference in San Antonio, Texas to cemeterians and funeral industry professionals, and to inform future endeavors by the GBC in its mission to educate the public about green burial, develop ways to support certified providers, and continue research into green cemetery best practices.

To view the results of this survey please follow the link below-

2015 GBC Survey

Green Burial2015 Green Burial Cemetery Survey

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  2. Johnny E. Wilmore

    Is burial to a full 6 foot depth required by law for a green burial?

    At a cemetery where most burials are convential with clay backfill, is it your experience that I could request backfill with organic soil?

    1. Lee

      Hi Johnny – Burial depth is different by state, and none require six feet. They are concerned with the distance between the top of the body and the horizon of the land; some states specify between 18-24 inches as a smell barrier. You can find the details by state on this chart http://www.nhfuneral.org/legal-requirements-by-state.html. Also keep in mind that the soil removed from the grave will be returned in its entirety in most cases, so the resulting mound adds additional soil protection. As to the clay issue, there may be several reasons why conventional cemeteries backfill with clay but there is no reason not to ask for organic material if you are willing to foot the bill if necessary. When burying at 3.5 – 4 feet deep, there is also less chance of having to contend with difficult soil material. Hope this helps –

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