Update on Green Burial Movement!

In anticipation of A Will for the Woods’ big weekend at AFI Docs in Washington, DC, we’d like to share some GBC news: 

Statistical Review

A team of researchers at the GBC has recently reviewed commonly used statistics to describe the environmental impact of American funeral and burial practices; specifically the manufacturing/use of caskets, vaults, and embalming fluid. 

We created a great visual aid to illustrate our findings: 
Funeral Industry Statistics

The GBC’s next area of research will focus on ecological issues associated with the maintenance of conventional cemeteries, particularly the use of water, pesticides/herbicides, and mowing.

Organizational Growth
The number of GBC “approved providers” in North America has grown from 1 in 2006, to 340 today, operating in 41 states and 6 provinces of Canada (this includes funeral homes, burial grounds, and product providers).  
The GBC is expanding its role as lead steward of the green burial movement with the founding of a new tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, Green Burial Council International (GBCI). GBCI will be responsible for program areas outside of certification such as public education, technical assistance and research.  It also aims to support green burial movements in other countries and work toward the establishment of global standards for green burial. We look forward to bringing you the latest news and updates on GBCI! 
If you have any questions regarding assumptions and calculations from the statistical review, tweet us @greenburial_org send us an email monica@greenburialcouncil.org, or message us on Facebook!
Green BurialUpdate on Green Burial Movement!