Spotlight: 2013 Leadership Award Recipient

In this month’s spotlight series we are pleased to announce that the Green Burial Council (GBC) has named Shari Wolf recipient of its 2013 Leadership Award, which is given annually to individuals demonstrating an extraordinary commitment to helping funeral service meet the changing needs of people and the planet.

Shari Wolfe, GBC Board treasurer
Beginning as a volunteer for the organization in 2009, Wolf went on to take over responsibilities associated with provider relations and eventually all operational activities. She resigned her position this past year to become GBC board member/treasurer and to devote more time to her groundbreaking funeral practice, “Natural Grace.”
“Shari has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our cause in measureable and impactful ways,” said Green Burial Council founder, Joe Sehee.  “The growth of the GBC is a direct result of the foundation she was able to establish and it was fueled by Shari’s incredible passion for this work.”
Wolf’s commitment to seeing eco-friendly options become more widely available led her to establish one of the nation’s first exclusively eco-friendly funerals establishments and the only such facility in Southern California.  In addition to providing environmentally sustainable options, Natural Grace encourages participation by the clients it serves through “home” and “family-directed” funerals.
“I try to get families to understand that we’re only there to do whatever they prefer not to do for themselves,” said Wolf.  “And I support them in doing anything they deem to be meaningful, appropriate for their financial circumstances, and aligned with their values and beliefs.” For a more in-depth look at Shari’s work, check out this interview. 
Comprised of approximately 350 “approved providers” cemeteries, funeral homes and product manufacturers operating in 43 states and 6 provinces, the Green Burial Council* is the standard-bearer and steward of the green burial movement in North America thanks to the hard work and dedication of individuals like Shari. We are lucky to have her as a member of the GBC and a champion of the green burial movement! 
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*The GBC is the only organization with an eco-certification program for the funeral service industry based on verifiable standards. 

Green BurialSpotlight: 2013 Leadership Award Recipient