Our Staff

Kate Kalanick, Programs OfficerKate_GBC

A business professional with a heart for environmental issues, Kate manages Provider Relations and Certification Administration.  Kate is also involved in fostering the education of green burial with the public.  Inspired by the conscious, beautiful alternative that Green Burial Council offers is what led Kate to our doors.  Having had her own experiences with end of life arrangements, Kate brings with her a sincere understanding of how important having choices that resonate with your personal values can be.   



Joe_GBC                                                         Joe Sehee, Program Officer 


Joe is the founder of the GBC and was the Executive Director from 2005 – 2012.  Joe oversees outreach and advocacy for the Council and heads up the newly formed GBC International. A senior fellow with the Environmental Leadership Program, Joe consults on green burial projects that further ecological restoration and landscape-level conservation.




Samuel Bar, Product Compliance 

Sam is responsible for the development of burial product standards and the evaluation of our providers’ new products.  A graduate of Northeastern University, Sam worked as a quality assurance and manufacturing engineer for companies in both the United States and China.  In 2011, he joined the US Peace Corps as an education volunteer in Mozambique, where he taught at a secondary school and coordinated a national science program.  As our go-to expert on sustainability issues in manufacturing and product use, Sam draws on his diverse manufacturing expertise and global development exposure to ensure our product providers represent the values of green burial.



Samuel Perry, Funeral Home Compliance and Education

Sam Perry is a licensed funeral director in Indiana with a passion for gardening.  He became interested in the funeral industry after being the groundskeeper for his local funeral home.  Later, while getting his Bachelors degree in Mortuary Science and Funeral Service, Sam was inspired further when he studied abroad with Semester at Sea.  His studies included non-profit leadership and independent studies of funeral rights in Ghana, Japan, India, and a handful of other countries around the world. He is now a part of the Green Burial Council to help educate people about the “green” alternatives to conventional burial so that he can do his part to preserve this beautiful planet a little longer.

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