– A Word From Our Founder –

Friends of the green burial movement,

Death can seem sad and meaningless, but when connected to life, it can be so much more and that’s what green burial does. Through green burial we can utilize our end-of-life rituals for the betterment of the planet and help ensure a brighter future for the younger generations. We can come to appreciate death as an integral part of a natural process that continues long after we perish.

In the spring of 2005, I founded the Green Burial Council to establish standards within the growing green burial movement. I recognized early on, the need for a set of standards with which to help guide our movement. To do so, I brought together a host of experts from the fields of sustainable landscape design, restoration ecology, conservation management, law and consumer affairs. Together we developed the the first set of environmental standards for our industry.   

For nearly a decade now, the Green Burial Council and our environmental standards have been working to connect death with life by ensuring that our end-of-life rituals — and the facilities, products and practices associated with them — further legitimize environmental aims. In addition, we are also providing educational training and technical assistance to green burial providers.

Today, the organization has grown to become the standard-bearer and lead steward of the growing environmental/social/consumer green burial movement. We will continue doing everything we can to support ways of caring for our dead, and in doing so, make end-of-life rituals more meaningful, simple and sustainable.

Joe Sehee, Founder and Program Officer

Green BurialA Word From Our Founder